Five Reasons Why the Wedding Ceremony Script Process Matters


Don’t let your friend marry you without our master class! Wedding Ceremony Master Class teaches Friend Officiants how to write and perform memorable wedding ceremonies for loved ones. Turning friends into officiants.

Being asked to officiate the wedding ceremony for a friend or family member is monumental. It’s an honor, especially because at its core being asked to officiate a wedding means your friend or family member trusts you implicitly as you help to craft the moment with the most meaning. After all, the wedding ceremony is at the heart of why family and friends are gathering to celebrate!

Because this is likely the first time you will officiate a wedding ceremony, you may be tempted to source a done-for-you template online that’s ready for you to fill in names, dates, and additional words. You might be thinking this method will allow you to complete the ceremony script in minutes! But, I’m going to ask you to pause, take a deep breath, and truly dive into the process of creating a custom and meaningful wedding ceremony script with me. Before we do, I’m sharing five reasons why taking the time to work through the wedding ceremony script process matters.

1. Time to Prepare:

Anything that is done well typically takes careful planning and consideration. Crafting a wedding ceremony script is no different. I strongly advise friend or family member officiants from diving into attempting to write a script without first completing a few preliminary steps. The reason why they are important is because each step allows you (and your couple!) to thoughtfully reflect on the relationships you share. As you will come to realize while working through the course, these details are vital, especially because your goal is to craft a ceremony that feels unique and completely personalized (more on that below!).

Additionally, knowing you are working through a wedding ceremony process will cause you to want to start working toward your goal of creating an unforgettable wedding ceremony script early. This is not something you can do during the days before the couple is set to walk down the aisle! Instead, starting as far in advance as a year is ideal. The results will definitely exceed your expectations and make the time you have spent well worth it.

2. A Thoughtful Approach Matters:

As we eluded to above, taking the time to work through a wedding ceremony writing process will also allow you to be entirely thoughtful with your approach. As you will learn while completing the course, one of the most vital parts of the ceremony writing process is a questionnaire your couple will complete. In it, they are asked questions about themselves, their relationship, the relationship they share with you, and more. The guests attending the ceremony are hoping to hear words that hold meaning. That can only be accomplished by completing each step of the process without rushing ahead to the finish line.

3. Personalized is Better:

One of the reasons why your couple has asked you to officiate their wedding ceremony is because they feel as though you know them and they know you. There’s a shared comfort level, and they want that intimacy to come across to their guests. As a result, your goal when crafting your wedding ceremony script is to create something that feels personalized. Only you can make that happen because you know them best.

4. Personality is Memorable:

Two of my favorite questions to ask couples and friend or family officiants are the following:

  • Why did you choose me to officiate your wedding?
  • What are your quirks?

The answers to both questions offer hints into the relationships the couple feels they share with you, and how they view themselves and their place in the world. Both offer wonderful opportunities for you to inject their wedding ceremony script with personality – something you can’t find when you’re using a script that asks you to drop in words Mad Libs style.

5. Timing is Key:

Sometimes, writing about friends or family can prove difficult because you know them so well (or so you think). In order to be able to present a script that makes you proud to perform your role, you will want to allow yourself the time to find inspiration, ask questions, and even allow what you have compiled to resonate for a few moments before fully committing to it. Personalization doesn’t simply happen when you snap your fingers. Instead, it takes time, and it’s always time well spent!

Additionally, one of the most important things to know before the wedding ceremony takes place is how long your script will take to complete. The course serves to walk you through how to craft a 20-minute wedding ceremony script, which works perfectly! But, you will want to time yourself as you read through your script so you know exactly how long it will take. Bear in mind that there will be additional time added for a potential late start time, the processional, and the recessional. The general length is important because it will inform the couple’s catering team when they should be ready to kickoff cocktail hour. Don’t forget, one event impacts the next throughout a wedding day!

Time creates space so you can do your best work. Setting aside time to work through the complete process of crafting a wedding ceremony script so you shine brightly in your role as friend or family member officiant for your couple will be time well spent.

Don’t let your friend marry you without our master class! Wedding Ceremony Master Class teaches Friend Officiants how to write and perform memorable wedding ceremonies for loved ones. Turning friends into officiants.

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