Wedding Ceremony Master Class

This year more than HALF of all couples marrying will ask a friend or family member to officiate their wedding ceremony.
How to Have Your Friend Officiate Your Wedding (Legally!) in a Pennsylvania Self-Uniting Ceremony

This is a wedding trend that has been growing exponentially in the past decade, and will continue to grow as more interfaith, intercultural, LGBTQ, blended families and religiously unaffiliated couples head down the aisle. 

“A few years ago, I started getting approached by wedding planners and other wedding professionals asking if I would put together a ceremony ghostwriting and training package for their clients who have asked a friend to officiate the wedding ceremony. Couples want all the pieces of their wedding to be a reflection of who they are and having someone who loves them in the role of officiant is a natural draw for many of them. Wedding Ceremony Master Class walks the friend officiant through MY process and equips them with my ceremony creation tools so they can knock a wedding ceremony out of the park and confidently say …

“Dearly Beloveds we are gathered here today…” -Alisa Tongg, Fairy God Celebrant