Why Everybody Wants a Friend to Officiate?

As a professional officiant and Life-Cycle Celebrant, a couple years ago I started getting asked by wedding planners, venues and other day-of wedding vendors if I could create a coaching/ghost-writing package to help all of their brides and grooms who had asked a friend to officiate their wedding ceremony (or their Destination Wedding). Turns out, creating a thoughtful, emotionally moving and legally recognized ceremony is harder to do than most people think.

Honestly when I was first asked to do this, my answer was, “No, I just don’t have time” to coach all these individual clients and their friend/uncle/grandma–it would be easier to just do it myself but I already had a full calendar.

But, the requests from my industry peers didn’t die down, so I got to work figuring out how best to provide this service and make it as generous, inclusive and high-quality as I could. I’m really proud to share the result with this first-of-its-kind online Wedding Ceremony Master Class for Friend Officiants.

Don’t let your friend marry you without our master class! Wedding Ceremony Master Class teaches Friend Officiants how to write and perform memorable wedding ceremonies for loved ones. www.weddingceremonymasterclass.com Turning friends into officiants.

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