Why We Need Celebrancy in Pennsylvania, Co-signed by 100 Wedding Industry Leaders

The Knot’s 2017 Wedding Study reported that only 26% of couples hosted their weddings in a “traditional” religious institution. Furthermore, according to PRRI Surveys, 40% of individuals under 30 claim “no religious affiliation.” The current Pennsylvania marriage statute leaves this growing majority of the population who are looking for a ceremony that elegantly blends their family traditions, faiths and story, behind.

Economic impact of Celebrancy in Pennsylvania

In 2014, New Jersey passed a bi-partisan economic Civil Celebrant Law R.S.37:1-13 amending their marriage and civil unions statutes to expand their list of who is authorized to solemnize marriages in the state. Along with judges, mayors and clergy they added a new category of people professionally trained to create and perform ceremonies–Civil Celebrants. Pennsylvania couples are starting to expect the same choice.

The Knot’s 2017 Wedding Study reported that only 26% of couples hosted their weddings in a “traditional” religious institution. Furthermore, according to PRRI Surveys, 40% of individuals under 30 claim “no religious affiliation.” The current Pennsylvania marriage statute leaves this growing majority of the population who are looking for a ceremony that elegantly blends their family traditions, faiths and story, behind. The Knot’s report supports this cultural and consumer shift and identifies that personalization is a top consideration when making wedding purchasing decisions and 64% of couples identify personalization as “the most important consideration.” Civil Celebrants are educated and trained to create and perform personalized ceremonies.

We the undersigned, would agree that this statistic is reflective of our experience in the wedding industry as well. Commonwealth businesses have already adapted their business models and offerings to meet this new norm; but it’s not enough, our couples are often confused about what legal options are available to them when they are filling the role of officiant in their wedding. Philadelphia boasts some of the most beautiful, well-respected and highly sought-after wedding venues and event spaces in the country, the overwhelming majority of which are not houses of worship or courthouses. Additionally, Pennsylvania/Philadelphia continues to be ranked as one of the top 10 regions nationally where people spend the most on their weddings. Trends and expectations in the actual ceremony are rapidly changing too and our laws need to catch up if we want to stay competitive.

The New Jersey law notably recognizes the changing face of family by providing couples of all backgrounds, traditions, cultures and faiths a greater choice in how they want to mark the beginning of their married life together. Equally important, the law also promotes high-standards in ceremony preparation and delivery by requiring celebrants to successfully complete professional education and training in ceremony and ritual to be eligible to register with the State—creating a whole new profession: Civil Celebrant. A similar Celebrancy bill in Pennsylvania would fill an unmet economic and societal need while also modernizing the law.

We are asking for your support and leadership in passing similar legislation here in the Commonwealth to give today’s couples the choices they’ve come to expect with regards to ceremony. We’d love to keep Pennsylvania a top-of-mind and an attractive place for people to get married and host their weddings.

Please see the New Jersey Civil Celebrant Law we’re interested in using as model legislation, the current Pennsylvania marriage statutes for your reference (Yikes!), as well as the spending report from The Knot’s 2017 Wedding Survey.

Alisa Tongg, Celebrant, Monroe

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Danielle Pasternak, DPNAK Events, Bucks
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